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Fixing Your iPhone Is Now More Affordable

iPhone repair has exploded from a cottage industry into a fully fledged acceptable service, especially in the Charlotte area over the past two years. As much as people have embraced the all-purpose smartphone and it’s sleek and simple exterior, it does not respond to falls, drops and general wear and tear very well. Even if you’ve managed to keep the screen intact after a year there are multiple other ways in which your iPhone 4, 5 or even the new bigger 6 model can fail, no excluding the following.

Common iPhone 4/5 Repair Issues

  • Battery Lifespan
  • Unresponsive Buttons – home and power
  • Volume Switch Not Working
  • Speaker phone / Microphone Issues
  • Water / Moisture Damage

Apple does not necessarily support fixing small issues like this, and will of course simply urge you to get a new iPhone, but with the services of a third party cell phone repair shop in Charlotte. With the exclusion of water damage, most other interior components are pretty easy to switch out for an experienced technician. Many of the parts used in your iPhone, even down to the basic lithium-ion battery are available on the open market and even to basic consumers off platforms like iFixit. There is absolutely no reason to junk your trusty iPhone 4S over a worn out battery or sticky home button. These are common signs of wear and tear that pop up after a year, and are quite affordable to fix.

How Much To Fix My Broken iPhone Screen?

The two big questions are how long does a repair take, and how much are you out of pocket and these are definitely worthy inquiries however there are other aspects to be worried about as well. The use of high quality LCD digitizers in your screen replacement can ensure you’re phone lasts longer and you get a better ROI out of your repair. Cheaper screens can break when they make contact with a carpet or other weak drops. Moisture and dust can also make their way under the screen which can lead to ghost touching and other nuisances. With that said, a decent repair shop will also be competitive when compared to Apple themselves so you can expect a repair to come in at under $100 for an iPhone 4/5 and just over for the newer iPhone 6 devices. This is competitively priced when compared to the other options – $200 for a refurbished device through Apple or closer to $800-1K for a new phone through your provider or straight up bought out.